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That Honey Bree 

With a love for hosting and a good theme The Honey Brie Co. was truly destined to be for founder and owner Bree Torres. (Yes, like the cheese.) A Virginia Beach native, Bree grew up gathering closely around thoughtful spreads with family and friends. A tradition she proudly carried on with her high school sweetheart. The idea for The Honey Brie Co. was created on a snow day in 2020. Use to the positive response on social media for her many spreads, that particular day Bree noticed how many people "wished she delivered". And the rest was history!





Here at The Honey Brie Co, every artisan item is hand selected, perfectly paired, and seasonally rotated. Our charcuterie service was created with convenience in mind to allow more time for entertaining, fellowship, & memories with your loved ones. There is no occasion too big or too small for a board from The Honey Brie Co. 

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